Cheap or expensive to fix ?

Good to hear and well done BMW. Warms the heart to know that sometimes you dont have to fight tooth and nail for everything in this world. :slight_smile:

Nice one. Although rare I guess it’s not the kind of story they want appearing in MCN. . . :smiley:

:w00t::blink::smooooth:well done sir!

Brilliant news:)

It goes a long way to show that not all main dealers are money grabbing pirates, just most of them;)

Well done BMW:cool:

Well… When I first spoke to them, they couldn’t start the work until mid-June.

They just called to say the bike is ready. :smiley:

Great news - if you get a move on you could catch them up in Wales :smiley:

Or you could go to the TT, cheap ferry tickets on ebay I bet :stuck_out_tongue:

Not as rare as you might think, this seems to be quite a common problem, first it was the police bikes, BMW announced it was due to the bike being left running on the side stand for long periods of time, then as time went on and more private owners got their hands on the new models it started to occur to bikes that have (allegedly) never been left running on their side stands.

A trip over to UKGSer will highlight quite a few stories of valves and pistons getting up close and personal, seems to be a metallurgy issue.

Still at least you got a good will gesture of free parts and warranty.