Cheap or expensive to fix ?

What do you think ? :crying:(I already know the answer really…)




Wot a mess is that the result of Sundays little ride. I hope you have this covered by some sort of warrantee. sorry to see that mate. :unsure:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50
might be a start :slight_smile:
seriously though, its likely to be a head and valve set, a piston a set of gaskets, and if you are really unlucky possibly a cylinder, at least its all easy to do unlike an in-line water-cooled four! not sure which engine you have, if its an 1100/1150 try here


Oh **** mate, thats not good. What happened?

Ask Steve for the busa back before he gets used to it;)

Yep, this is what happened on Sunday. Just riding along at about 60, and tehre was a fairly loud bang. At first I thought a tyre had blown out, cos the bike was all over the place.

My mechanic opening it up yesterday and this is what he found. :ermm:

It’s out of warranty too.

That never happened to Charlie :crazy:

Sorry to see that Tom. Hope it can be fixed without too much bother.

Was it because the valve was out of clearance and had gradually started to bore it’s way into the combustion chamber where it met the piston?

How does that work then?Have a look at the other valves, they have trashed their seatings too. Thats a serious mechanical failure.:crazy:

I mean if the valve was tightening up and met the piston? As you can guess - I’m not a mechanic - just wondering. :smiley:

Tightening valve clearances usually result in burnt valve seats. these look pristine and squeeky clean so I’d hazard a guess that somethings gone wrong with the timing mechanism or someones ragged the fugg out of it and bounced the valves:w00t::smiley:

I see what you mean - that sounds like a more likely explanation. ;):slight_smile:

looks like a dropped valve to me, could be due to a missed gear change or just bad luck and a faulty component :frowning: the rest of the damage would be caused by the valve head crashing around before burying itself in the piston, how old is the bike? if its low mileage even if its out of warrenty you might get some help from the makers as a good will gesture, cant hurt to ask.

Look at valves at 6 and 9 o’clock. I bet them stems are Z shaped now:crazy:

Yep, my mechanic is pretty certain that is what happened. The bike is 2.5 years old, so 6 months out of warranty. I have contacted BMW this morning too to see what they say.

if they won’t go fully for it, then push for parts supplied FOC, its likely that if you make a big enough noise that they will at least think about it. also its worth logging onto the various owners forums to see if this has happened before (I haven’t heard of it as a problem but who knows ?) here is a good resource

Just a bit of an update…

I emailed BMW UK last week. They came back and said this fault was very rare, and to take it to a BMW dealership for investigation. So managed to get it in the back of a mate’s van, and drop it off at Vine’s in Guildford. While we were unloading it, a couple of passing mechanics gave it the “Oh dear, that’s not good…”

Anyway, Monday morning they call up, and tell that BMW are going to do it as a goodwill gesture !! :smiley:

If I contribute to the labour, I also get a 2 year warranty on the parts. Not bad, seeing as the parts alone are £1100 plus vat!


Strewth, that’s a result :slight_smile:

That is a good result there mate, praise to the BMW!

THats a result if ever i saw one! Brilliant, i am sure the dealer batted for you there chap - they are a cracking bunch down there! dead helpful.