Cheap Motul bike oil on ebay from M&P

Quick heads up, just spotted a bloody good deal on Motul 10W40 semi-syth bike oil on the M&P ebay store.

It’s a 4ltr + 1ltr deal (one big, one small bottle), buy two and get 16% off (bulk buy discount from M&P), then use ebay voucher ‘PLETHORA’ at checkout and you’ll blag another 15%! Thus 10 litres in total for £45 - total bargain! That’s the next couple of oil changes on the two bikes sorted.

Note: the PLETHORA ebay discount code ends 30th Aug.

Check it out here.

10L of Motul 5000 10-40 would get me three oil changes at £15.00 each for the oil.

Thanks. Your order was placed. £44.98

Bargain Hiflo HF204 (fits most Hondas) x3 for £14.25 here Doesn’t accept the PLEATHORA discount :frowning:

Yeah, PLETHORA code is only for selected sellers, and i think maybe selected stuff they have on offer.

Here’s a bunch of filters from the M&P shop (which does accept that code).

Thanks Arfa. It all turned up today and I’m all set for engine oil & filters for the next three oil changes and then some because I had 2 litres of Motul 5000 10-40 sitting on the shelf. Maybe I should have ordered 4 oil filters, maybe that would’ve been too much?

Oil change anyone?