Cheap insurance recommendations please guys and girls

I need to get my insurance renewed this month. Can anyone recommend a good value insurance company please? I tried Bennets and the other big names but they are twice the price of what I am paying at the moment. I am with (a broker).

I am also moving soon and don’t want a heafty change-of-information-fee charge if poss.

Thanks once more, LB members. obliterated the competition for me. Also, it’s only possible to do it online so there are genuine savings to had. You can only call them for advice but they won’t quote on the phone. Ebike’s quote for Fully Comp was cheaper than any other company’s quote for TPFT and that includes declaring my Akrapovic and every other mod which I didn’t for the competitors.

They get my vote.

Cheers David - you’ve just saved me 200 squids.

E-Bike were cheap but I got a better deal from Bennetts, I guess it depends what scheme each brokers have got running at the time.

eBike get my vote. Had 3 bikes stolen over the last 4 years and they still gave me a quote which was £500 cheaper than anyone else for my DRZ (fully comp). When that was stolen after 4 days of ownership they insured the new bike again, fully comp with a staggering £3 per month increase on the rate. Took me 3 months from reporting the claim to squeezing the money out of them but did get it all back!!

Ebike was the cheapest I could find by about a £100.

To get more savings, you might want to join BMF and/or doing BikeSafe, as you’ll get a 10% discount with most insurance companies. BMF annual membership £25 and BikeSafe £30 but it’s the best £30 you’ll ever spend on your biking!

Here you go dont mention it, its helped a lot of people i know 0800 298 3313 westhill insurance services and speak to bally Good luck

Yup Ebike here too

give Simply Bike Insurance a go they did me a cracking deal

Tried E Bike, got quoted £400 when most other companies wanted £110ish!

I think it just pays to shop around …

I was with as well and my renewal quote was about £750. I did mine online with Devitt and got it down to £510 with a smaller excess. When they sent the paperwork through this week it said in the letter that they also give £20 cashback for any policies take out online!!

lol the best E bike could do for me was £1400!!! thats twice as much as I’m paying now!

E Bike for me too. £400 for K5 1000, K3 1000 and FJ1200 TPFT in central London

H&R - 401 Fully Comp - R1

well i am with simply insurance on 0870 241 2348 i cannot beat there qoutes and i have recommened loads to my mates with the same results i know ringing round is a turd but looks like u have pick of the bunch here… let us all know wat the best deal is maybe we can all benefit???

Mornin all!

you’ve probably already got this sorted, but I thought i’d add my two-penneth worth!

I went with ebike - saved me £200!

Bennetts - I was with them last year - despite 2 phone calls of me saying I’m NOT renewing my policy with them, returning their policy documents and cancelling the credit card I used to pay the initial premium, the b*ggers still managed to swipe an uncompetitive renewal premium of my credit card before I cancelled it - never never never go with Bennetts!

(Hopefully refund is on my card now)!

Happy Mondays!

notes… we are all different - accidents / thefts / ages / sex / location etc…

if u put it down then it’ll be easier to compare…

mine was 900 tpft, no ncb, central london location, male and i was 23 when i got it… and i had datatool system 3 with immobiliser & locked in a garage with cctv…

my renewal is coming up at the end of april so we’ll see what it is then… but cant really compare until we know some basics peeps…