"Cheap" insurance quote

I thought it’s gonna be expensive but I wasn’t expecting this :smiley:

peanuts! :w00t:

I’m still counting change in my pocket to pay for it :smiley: that’s gonna take a bit…

But no problem for Illz :smiley:

he has loads of nuts! :ermm: :smiley:

He’s younger than me so it might be more expensive, but I’m sure he can afford it :smiley:

kostas how old r u thats well expensive :w00t:

You managed to hit their “go away Sir” multiplier.

blimey! bet you had a heart attack when that come up!!:w00t:

I’m 23 and I was trying to insure my 675 :smiley: I’m glad I didn’t go for fully com. cover with them :smiley:

But the breakdown in only £52 extra :slight_smile:

What were you trying to insure?!?!

Triumph Daytona 675 SE and that’s only TPFT

Is that for third party or fully comp ? :w00t:

Third party fire and theft :slight_smile:

Keep looking dude.I insured this(shameless whoring) at 22 years of age with zero NCBs, 2 bans for £2200 Fully Comp.

Anything under £1500 is acceptable for your age, how long you had your license?

In the end I managed to insure it for 900£ third party fire and theft. Still not to bad for my age and that I have done my license few days ago :slight_smile:

Result dude, that’s good.

£900 cause the top speed was directly related to how fast I could push it :P:D

I heard you stalled it! Shamefull:D:P hahahaha;)

Yeap, shamefull but it hapens, especialy in slow mowing trafic on A406 :smiley: I gonna be carefull next time :smiley: