Cheap insurance at last

Never thought I’d be getting insurance on a litre bike for less than £300 but I did just that with mce on the Mille with 5 years ncb. Lots of extras ill never use but did get 15 months for the price of 12.

It’s a great feeling. I pay £114 to insure a GSXR1000 that will do 190mph! But I pay £560 to insure a mercedes vito that would struggle to a third of that speed!

Did you turn 30? You did didn’t you…insurance as far as I can see is the only upshot of getting old.

They’ve probably seen you spend more time cleaning it than riding so are now a safe bet :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope stil holding onto my 20s nothing has changed over than reaching 5 years ncb

this! :smiley:

Yeah that’s about right :slight_smile:

Love it!

Just renewed mine for £255 fully comp no voluntary excess for a gen3 2009 zx10r.

Hasting direct. Over £55 cheaper than last year. Who said insurance is getting dearer :w00t:

I got a 1340cc insured for 450 fully comp, all the bells n whistles with 0 ncb

I insure a superduke with zero security measures other than a garage, …£170 quid a year fully comp bells and whistles . And I would trade it for 20 years off the clock and new knees in an instant :hehe:

me too, except my SD is £150 :stuck_out_tongue: fully comp

I got a mug and pen :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the same deal. I’ve phoned them up and they confirmed that you still get your NCB after the initial 12 months.

Sadly, I’m on £900 tpft for the 125. I guess us youngins have a habit of crashing things into other things…

sounds like you had a touch shiver. I always find mce expensive. I had a cheap quote from someone called Just Insurance?? they are very very cheap

I pay £60/month on my CBR250r because I commute… up from £30 when I was being dishonest and only declaring “social, domestic and pleasure” use… oof.