Cheap garage flooring

Anyone know where I can get cheap garage flooring from?

I’ve beem looking at the rubber/pvc floor tiles but for a 2.6m x 5.2m (13.6m2) area, most places charge around £250 - £300! Where as I really only want to spend £100 - £150.

Any sensible suggestions welcomed?

What about epoxy floor paint? Cheap and easy to put down. I got some last year online from firwood paints but shop around for cheaper deals.

hunt round DIY stores, i did my floor with wickes sale tiles, £2 for a pack of 5 or whatever it was. tiled the whole floor for under £200. looks really good, although if you dont remember to put some wood down before centre standing it, you crack the tiles (minor miscalculation :P)

That’s what I do, cheap and lasts really well if you get the 2 pack.

i use normal floor paint from wicks etc but mix a bit of sand with it it makes floor nice & gripy even if oils get spilt on it.