Cheap Disc Lock, But Is It Effective?

I was out at Ally Pally today with my mate who rides a Sportster - he has an innovative disc lock - he just puts a heavy duty padlock through one of the holes in the disc :smiley:

Any thoughts on this???

Sportsters are heavy, they will never be able to nick the padlock :smiley:


I have a padlock on my shed too:cool:

alot of people i know do that but the only difference i choose to have a disc lock is its bright yellow and i dont forget it (most of the time)

I don’t think a disc-lock is going to dissuade two guys with a transit van from stealing your bike.

Or they can smash the disk with a hammer so that it shatters and then wheel the bike off.

Take it were not talking a toffee hammer :slight_smile:

just smash the disk with a hammer :w00t: fortunately not everyones good at nickin bikes :smiley: haha just teasin :stuck_out_tongue:

Padlocks can be cut with bolt crops in seconds! Disk locks are usually made from cast steel! and the mechanism are enclosed within :wink:

My disk lock fits through the disk hanger so hopefully not as brittle and easy to smash wit hammer? :unsure:

disc lock stopped someone from rolling my bike away on tuesday!

They aint brilliant but something is better than nothing:cool:

If you used a proper padlock like a squire it would be good, but those traditionall looking padlocks would be useless…then again it prevents an opportunist, and nothing will really stop professional bike thieves.