Cheap decat downpipes from Asia

this seems too good to be true

even if the steel is pretty poor, for that price compared to an Akro set, you could afford to have them ceramic coated!

That’s assuming they actually fit

Or don’t melt 

Chocolate exhaust :smiley:

I am not so sure if it’s too good to be true. China has a massive oversupply of steel and they’re continuing to produce and melt in quantities that far exceed global demand. So it makes sense some entrepreneurs are producing this stuff as an alternative to using steel in construction projects

The welds and general build quality look very good IMO. Stainless is usually pretty hard wearing. If you get them, let us know how you get on with them.

it’s certainly quite tempting

Yeah!!! Get some!!


Was reading about a foundry company that refuses to buy Chinese steel.  He was explaining the quality control was no existent, it was not to spec, and was barely usable.