Cheap commuter/first big bike

All info on Scumtree its mine and in my name

If anyone wants it £750 its yours can deliver!

Your entitled to your opinion mate . . . See one sell on ebay a right pile of poo 4 years older with 1 months mot for £500 so i’ll take my chances and see what happens.

Its a good thing its ugly. Means no one will nick it when you leave it in the bike bay up town. You coud even leave the keys in that…Excellent Commuter

where’s the ‘like’ button here :smiley: all great comments …good luck with the sale fella

i used to think my CDT teacher at school was cool for riding one of these :pinch::blush: my dt50 got more attention tho :cool:

£700 gets it need this gone now as looks like i am moving away!

Ad is no longer available?

Sorry deleted old add here is the new one!

Shame it’s not the New Divy as I would have gotten it as a spare since that’s what I currently use. Hasn’t let me down yet. I have a XJN 98’ with the dual discs at front. Think the naked looking XJs look better:)

I have the twin disc forks just never got around to getting the wheel the discs and calipers lol

Now Sold!

About fookin’ time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh tell me about it :frowning: sold for peanuts but the buyer loves it so hey ho .

Better than being stuck with it