Cheap Bike Insurance

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Cheap motorbike insurance - scoot up a deal
Combine comparisons | Fair weather rider temporary cover | Six-wheel policies

Whether your bike’s a summer season scooter special, or you’re a true leather big bike all-rounder, it’s often easy to slice the cost of cover. Just use our fully-updated Cheap Motorbike Insurance guide. Here’s a taster…For annual policies — combine the bike comparisons. Need year-round cover? To get large numbers of quotes speedily, combine as many comparison sites as you can (as they don’t all cover the same insurers). The main ones are GoCompare*, TheBikeInsurer*, Confused* and MoneySupermarket*. Short term insurance is available. If you only use it in nice weather, eBike* can provide a monthly policy (with a £6 admin fee). Remember, if your bike isn’t insured, by law you need to declare it as SORN and keep it off the road. Always compare short-term insurance cost against the cheapest annual policy.£30 cashback or free RAC breakdown cover. Get cover through Swinton* and it pays £30 cashback, or via BeWiser* or MCE Insurance*, you get free RAC roadside assistance cover, which costs £29.99 as standard (though cashback can mean it’s worth less - see Cheap Breakdown). Factor that in, and compare to comparison sites’ cheapest.Got a car too? Try a six-wheel policy. A Six Wheel scheme is available through Carole Nash to cover both. But don’t assume it’s cheaper - always compare it with the cheapest standalone Bike & Cheap Car Insurance policies.Full wheel-by-wheel help in the Updated Guide: Cheap Motorbike Insurance Related: Cheap Car Insurance, Young Driver Car Insurance