cheap bike chock

anyone used one of these before? do they work?
want to get one for holding a CBR up long enough to get a rear paddock stand on without needing a second pair of hands.

Are there holes for cotton reels on it? You can do a paddock stand alone once those are installed. Remember to put the side stand down when you take it off the stand.

I dunno looks like the wheel will move from left to right and may cause damage to the forks.

You could buy this one…cheap at only £916.95!!

just put a block of wood under the side stand and then use the paddock stand. i’m retarded at man handling motorbikes and ever fearful i’m going to drop them but managed fine like that.

Same here. Bit of wood as advised in the LB video ‘how to put your bike on a paddock stand by yourself’.

I have three of those ‘wheel chocks’ sat downstairs though, ready to be fixed to my trailer, so I hope they’re enough to hold it upright!

I put on paddock stand by pushing the bike vertical with my left arm and pushing the stand down with my right, I don’t use a block of wood under the stand. Although for “serious” stuff I now use an Abba stand in preference to paddock stands (as I don’t like leaving my P&J on paddock stands all day if I drop loose wheels to a garage for new boots before work etc)

The first time you try that have other people around while you practice :wink: I’ve taught members of both sexes how to use this technique too. It’s a lot easier on a bike with a grab rail, and doubly easy with bobbins AND a grab rail. Oh and confidence helps.

I would be interested to hear if the “chock” is any good, as it would making single handed loading/unloading of my bike trailer somewhat less nerve-wracking!

Dont, get me wrong but if £50 paddock stand may cost more than £900 it means it will have build in GPS and bluetooth as well as machine to w…k tired rider for relax.

And I can’t believe that 298 people actually bought it but World is full of …


I wouldn’t bother with the chock,

I put my gsxr on a rear paddock stand (cup not bobbin) without help, just need confidence and control - if it all gets a bit out of shape be SURE it goes to the left on to the stand… in 11yrs I haven’t dropped one.

If you’re really keen on the chock I’d suggest once the bike is pushed in it, zip-tie the front brake on & strap the bike in to the chock. It can lean a bit but won’t fall as it’d need to move backwards away from the chock to fall, if you see what I mean?

that dont look like will keep bike upright on own, its not hard to get bike on paddock stand on your own though

Mian if i can do it you can too.

the OMC video was most helpful, without the block of wood i simply turn the steering all the way to the right to keep the bike most upright as possible, it works all the time.

got a nice front paddock stand, but havent learned to do that on my own yet. :crazy:

its a typo on the listing… 298 may have bought it but they didn’t pay £916.95 , click on the “298 sold” & you’ll see it was £16.95…

it’s not for me exactly, it’s for mrs groovy

I own sensible bikes with centre stands :slight_smile:

Oi cookie bitch…

Have you thought about something like this…