Cheap bike bag

From the camping specials at Aldi - would do the trick to sit on your back seat. Nice n cheap, waterproof. Shame I spent about 5 times that recently when I needed one quickly ffs.

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Good call. I’ll pop in Aldi tomorrow for sure, was thinking of some wild camping in Scotland or Wales towards the end of Summer too. Spoilt for choice with this 50L duffel bag, a smaller 25L version and a 44L waterproof sack. All at £9.99!

50L is a big bag, it’s length is 68cm. You’ll get some over hang off the seat.

Good shout BL. Just bought one.

Not bad price on dry bag. Don’t need one myself, got a Lomo one, which are pretty cheap too, £25 for 40ltr, £28 for 60ltr: Be interested to see how quality compares.

Interesting little solar battery trickle charger in their sale too:
£25 - is that a good price for one of these?

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