cheap 125 wanted

Rapidly approaching her 17th b’day my ’ biker to be ’ daughter has had enough of staring at my back and wants to take her chances on the mad streets of our metropolis:exclamationmark: No frills but good nick 125 required [ scooters need not apply , its an image thing !]

aprilia rs125 manual poggiali limt edition 2004, 10,000 km on clock. recorded damage to left fairing, lil bit of work and would be back to 100%, got few spares with it too

IMO a newbie would be better off with a 4 stroke than a peaky, revvy stroker.

4 strokes are much more forgiving and less lightly to bog down on take off:cool:

this is quite true, but if you can ride a 2 stroker well it rele does go, plus there the best looking 125s about :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are two bikes on eBay, but I don’t know how much she’s hoping to spend.

Honda CBR125, red and white £995
search for ebay item number: 200192415109

Honday CBR125, black £1,100
search for ebay item number: 300192969865

Is it me or is there something about the red one that just doesn’t look right

Yeah, the red and white one doesn’t have a standard paint job.
Though quite why anyone would have a custom paint job on a CBR125 is beyond me!

heya , well im the daughter , ive been looking on ebay but havent found anything yet , and theres noway i can afoord a cbr even though i like them .
i was looking to hopefully spend around £500 - £700 max

I know I will get shot down in flames for this by the great unwashes but for £700 you can get a Brand New Chinese 125 trail bike from a really good dealer called Phil Holmes who is a top fella and gives 110% after sales support.

He recons he gets more problems with Peugeot scooters than these Suduki’s or whatever they are called:cool:

I have a cg125 02 plate dead battery seized front brakes currently sorn but perfect to learn on as I did only want £400 it has 12000 on clock. Ive been abroad for 1 year so its been in the shed. call me 07812819750 if your interested.

Well time will tell cos we’v jus bought a chinese 125 , just over a year old but only 43 miles on clock…we will put up a short term reliability post at the end of the summer …

NFG without pictures mate;)

My best 125 was a hyosung gt125r, it was absolutely gorgeous to look at, looked just like a 600 it always got attention at the ace. You might be able to find the unfaired version cheap, oh and don’t be put off buy the make they share technology with suzuki and I used to ride my 125 to cheshire to see my ex, and any 125 that can do a 400 mile round trip without any hassle is a good 125.

Are you intending to spam every single post on here with your bike for sale or are you going to say hello?