cheap 125 hire?

Ok as you may know, Angel has passed her theory and wants to hire a 125 for two weeks before doing her DA, can anyone recommend somewhere to hire a 125 for a good price? Or lend us one? lol


Has she done her CBT as well?

I didn’t do that bit until the first day of the DAS, but it’s definitely a good idea for her to get out on the road and get a bit of practice.

Oh, and good luck to her on the whole thing, I’m sure she’ll have a blast.

Yea she did it last year

Rather than hiring a bike, would it be worth buying an old one (CGs are pretty much bomb-proof) and then selling it a few weeks later once she’s passed? You don’t have to go for a ‘dream bike’ kinda thing, just something that’s reasonably reliable mechanically.

That way you have a chance of getting your money back, even if you have to spend a little bit on it for a service or similar. It’s unlikely to cost more than a couple of weeks’ hire of a 125 for a service, and if she’s unlucky enough not to pass first time she’d still have the little bike to ride while waiting for her next test, without having to pay out for more hire charges.

That was my intention when I failed first time, bought a CG and practiced for a few weeks. But rather than selling it I hung onto it and my son had it for his first bike (until the local chavs nicked it and burnt it) but it was definitely a good way of doing it cos if I’d sold it the garage reckons I would definitely have got back both what I paid for the bike and what I paid for a bit of work they did on it.