Chazbikes - Great Suffolk St

I have just discovered that the above garage:

  1. Billed me for a new battery when in fact they just charged up the old one

  2. Made a botch job of replacing a pair of fork springs

On a previous occasion they fitted some new handle bars for me, which came loose within about 20 mins.

Clearly 1) is the most concerning as it constitutes theft, but I leave you to draw your own conclusions as I’m sure many have had good experiences there.

when i was a courier,it was a last resort to go to chaz’s he has always been a rip off garage,but has loads of **** in the back that you may need.

And you come on the site just to say that? stirring it up maybe.

Might take you more serious if it wasnt your fist and only post.

I have not used em so wont make a judgement.

I have used them, once, and will never do so again.

I used them for a new set of tyres and “ham fisted” is the nicest way of describing their work.

Itis perhaps Hansel’s first post, but that does not make it wrong.

thats why i said i have not used em so wont comment.

Thing is hansel has come on made said statement and thats it, not returned etc so suggests he is going round to websites to **** stir.


They are as bad as each other. Check your bike over thoroughly before leaving anywhere that has worked on it. You are the one that has to ride it.