'Chav my Ride'

How to ruin a perfectly good bike . . .


Chav my ride.JPG


there used to be a burberry bandit that frequented the erstwhile Mucky Duck (those were the days ) I kid you not

You must admit, it’s been done well

PMSL, I think its a tad over the top

what has been done well… the photoshop? come on people you didn’t think it was real did you

I did think PS but didn’t think it would get all the light & shade curves etc. right. It’s better than I thought.

Oh and what bike is it?

Its the old 98-00 R1. Have a look at the end can, they’ve got it completely wrong.

Is that Beckscum colours.

easily achieved with graffiwrap. Its printed onto the wrap with a solvent printer prior to wrapping the vehicle.

As seen on lots of vehicles these days.

Someone knows their Photoshop!
Squared off end can’s the giveaway