Chav 0 v Wall 1

Pillock. :smiley:

:w00t: Thats shocking what a stupid ****** . Bet that hurt.:pinch:sorry but you know when you see someone fall over on the ice and you can’t stop laughing even though you know you shouldn’t. I think its the shock. :hehe:

Serves him bloody right.

Hopefully he will kill himself before he has the chance to reproduce.

Pity,should have head butted it!

Pity,should have head butted it!

Serves the tw4t right!! If brains were dynamite this prat wouldn’t have enough to sneeze:D explain that in casualty :slight_smile:

“Oh you see see nurse, it was like this. Um, there were fcuking 4 of them, weren’t there, Shaz?”

“Yeah, that’s right Daz. 8 of the fcuking b4stards. Jumped on my poor Daz and shoved his leg frew the wall. He didn’t stand a chance.”

“Look at him, just lying there poor thing.” “The council ought to be sued for having a wall like that. Just colapsing on his leg like it did”


This one was only on a week ago

Ther is a bit of a spoof site about the “Darwin Awards” which lists actions so stupid that when the perp. dies it improves the gene pool.

Pitty he didn’t do that with either his hed or his c*ck. He could well have been a candidate for this year.


plum :rolleyes:

He got pwned by a wall. His plight made me laugh.

good, little fu**er. You get what you deserve. might think twice next time, plus he’d have to use his other leg me thinks. :smiley: