chat room

hey cant we make a chat room up in here with alot of people on line at the mo it would be a lot better to chat live with them than sending pm’s can it be done

I think Smiled enquired about a chatroom previously.

Sounds like a good idea

my understanding is that the chat room does take up a lot of server space but i am not in IT so cant really comment…

Yo Abbs… how ya diddlin today?

Then again I think pming works to as I hear chat can be addictive

Give this a try.

Adds no load to the LB servers and a fairly cool chat system.

Whats with the Gabber thingy?

much better thanks!!

still a bit stiff but getting there…

Abbs, take care! Lots of rest this weekend, unless you are planning and brands visit, a few of us going!

Gabbly, it is like an external / associate chat site, which facilitates the home page as a central forum.

Works for other sites, not tried this one yet.

Would be addictive, provided your work servers dont block it, like mine.