Charly.... HELLLPPPP Datatool Veto not working....

blooming fugging thing… Veto Evo flipping then!

Was going mad on Saturday night going off constantly for about 20 mins (apparently so it could be more like 2 ), when i wasnt at home and the old man managed to make it go silent as per my instructions over the phone ‘press the circle button’… to which he said ‘nope that aint working’ anyhow managed to get it to stop somehow as i was just about to head back home to get it to shuddup!

So monday morning go out to the bike, see that the LED isnt flashing, key fob wont do anything (although the light on the fob works and i have tried the spare) wont arm, disarm or autoarm…

everything works on the bike (lights, fuel pump etc) just not the starter motor (although if i bridge the terminals on the relay it starts) so it isnt the bike battery or the starter…

I was hoping it was going to be something easy like a fuse or something but ive had a good look this morning at the main bike fuses, starter relay fuse and the inline alarm fuse (well at least i think its the alarm fuse - little black seperate holder with 10amp in it) but cant find anything wrong with any of them

Rang a friend of mine that installs alarms (but too far away - Birmingham) and he said try re-aligning the alarm / fob by pressing and holding both buttons for 5 secs. Tried that - Nothing!

and now i’m getting fed up of bumping my nice bike and as easy as it is to start by bumping it its a tiny bit embarrasing having to bump her everytime i turn the engine off

Any ideas? matey sent me some instructions to do a system reset or powerdown (or something) but it means opening the alarm box and doing what it says and leaving it for 6 hours… wonder if there is anything else you could think of before i have a go at this!?

to cut it short - LED is not on (not even a little bit), Keyfob dont do anything when pressed (not even the spare), alarm doesnt go off even when the ignition is switched on and the starter button doesnt work (but bike will start if i bridge the starter terminals), and the Alarm box is bone dry so i cant see that its water got in there at all…


(bikes a 929 Blade if that makes any odds?)

The same thing happened to my Data tool system 3 in november. Kept going off all the time and was unable to disarm the bike. I had to get my breakdown cover to come and get my bike and take back to the dealer (as it comes with a year warranty). In the end they had to replace the motherboard on it as it had died. They also told me that they have had a few of them back with the same issue.

Charly… if it is FUBAR’D then is this something you can help with?

Thanks for the Reply Charly…

The alarm was fitted 29/8/01 so yeah i suppose it has had a good innings

Apparently me old man said he thinks that the indicators were flashing but cant be 100% sure.

I’m off for the next couple of days so if i can and you don’t mind i may pop over and see you to see if you can have a look at it for me if you dont mind?!

Cool. I’ll call you tomorrow if thats OK?

Fireblade 929 2001

That good to know mate.

They told me it was only a year and they also tried charging me for the labour but I refused to pay it.

What a*seholes. I aint going back there again

Just left you a VM bad…

Weird things happening now, apparently last night the alarm was going off even though theres been no power to oit for days (well no power on the LED)

So anyway get back home today and the LED is going crazy (rapid flashing)

so i get the keyfob and press the button… sure enough… bleep bleep alarm turns off… bike starts…

I’m guessing that it could be a faulty connection somewhere? Earth??

Its The same system to whats on 1 of my bikes your alarm has spiked it self

open the alarm box take the internal battery out ,

disconnect the loom in side the box should be 2 plugs,

take the inline fuse out some inline fuses need changing as they can have a hairline split not visible but keep it out

disconnect main battery leave for 6 hours for it will reset it self

then reverse the way i just said and make sure when you replace your inline fuse replace it with a new one and make sure you have charge in your internal battery then your bike is sorted

when thats done press the circle button and triangle button simmotaneously so it programs back in then you got it sorted