Charlie down...... but not out!

Sorry Mate but no it’s not a attempt to wind anybody up. Case closed as far as I’m concerned.

Honestly I don’t understand. They admitted liability, he got reprimanded, probably a second reprimand will end his job, you’ve been presumably paid for all the inconvenience by his insurance, etc.

No offence, but do you want him tried for criminal negligence? Perhaps hanged on the public square? Public apology?

I’ve had accidents caused by others, and I’ve always one way or the other got reasonable payouts. We all screw up, even bus drivers. That’s what insurance is for.

I am guessing he hopes that if he breaks a red light and knocks over a ped that the police would be as forgiving

Maybe being offered a course when I was caught speeding up in Rugby several years back doing 101mph in a 70 on a A road. Open straight road (and I mean straight, more run off than you would get on a track), no one about, no one injured, or at risk of being injured (except myself if the bike suffered a mechanical fault). Might sound excessive but I was in control for the road conditions and the type of bike I was riding. Had someone been injured during that incident, hand on heart I wouldn’t even think about accepting a awareness course. I would face the music at court just like I accepted the ban I received at court. The point I’m making is none of us are angels…if you get caught, don’t complain, if you injure someone through you actions accept your fate in front of a judge. How can you live with yourself accepting a DAC??

I don’t want public hangings or apologies…just those who get caught to have there day in court and receive the points/ban that they deserve.

Drivers get away with so much it’s unreal. I’ve been knocked off my bike twice by car drivers doing illegal turns or not obeying the traffic lights and in both cases they got off with a slap on the wrist.

I think it should be treated as assault where the driver is clearly breaking the law. If the consequences for knocking people off/over were harsher, maybe drivers would make more effort to look where they’re going :angry:

Thank you for agreeing with me babe.

I’m sorry if this lowers the tone (I have no intention of and I’m half cut) but if the injury’s sustained by myself and the cyclist on Sutton court road involved paralysiation as a female member of LB received last year, would a DAC be appropriate in that case??

My point being, at what level of injury does someone go to court, over a sprained ankle or bloody finger as a posed to being offered a course that doesn’t effect there driving license/insurance that effects the rest of there lives???

Just ask yourself what is the benefit of giving him a £200 fine and 3 points ? He’ll not necessarily behave differently, he’ll have a resentment against the system and bikers, it’s ultimately not a positive outcome for anybody.

If he gets a warning from work - one more and you’re out type of warning, plus a training course then he gets some training which is obviously required, he gets the chance to speak to more advanced bus drivers and it’s always good to speak to people who are more experienced and skilled than you and he has his boss on his back for the next year or so.

Which is going to have the better outcome for his passengers, pedestrians and other road users and society in general ?

I dont agree, I think a ban would be the best outcome for the bus passengers and fellow motorists.

If your job depends on having a licence then you should be even more careful. “Professional” drivers shouldn’t get let off because they’re paid for causing the accident. If anything they should be held even more accountable.

The stupid cow that knocked Tania off has pleaded guilty in court but she’ll probably just get some points and a fine. Personally I’d like to see her thrown her in jail for attempted manslaughter. What would it achieve…I’m damn sure if something like this was made an example of it would improve peoples driving no end. As I said before, the consequences are pathetic.

Hope you feel better soon Charly and at least you’re still here. I also hope you get the bike sorted soon.

I’m in two minds with this sort of thing. Although I agree they should be chucked in jail, I can’t help but think it won’t solve anything except fill another precious slot in an already crowded jail, ‘breed’ a new criminal who resents a certain group of people, in this case bikers, and waste tax payers money. On the other hand, letting them do a course may help, but will also allow that driver to get away with a serious offence.
If there was consistency in the law, it would make things better. In other words, how can this bus driver get away with no more than a course, likewise the van driver who knocked over the cyclist, and yet someone on an open, dry road with no hazards, clear day, etc, get put away for 3-6 months for excessive speed just because “they may have hurt or killed an innocent if something had gone wrong”. Seems like double standards to me.

I’m sorry, but even in the most deluded fcuked up, warped sense of reality mindset… I can’t see how anyone could hate/blame/resent another type of road user when they clearly know they just ran a red light and all the biker did was role through a green light.

That aside I completely agree with your post :slight_smile:

My view is that The Drivers involved are all “Professional” drivers and therefore the punishment should be of a nature that reflects this .

As with a mobile phone offence …if joe blogs gets stopped its~ 3 points and £60 fine~ ( not sure of actual amounts/points but use that as a example )~ but if a Lgv driver gets caught it is a greater punishment

For the driver to be offered a course to become a better driver … yes fair enough but in itself it is not really going to have any permanent effect on them … it will be soon forgotten .

Whilst points on licence are there for those five years …

Or failing that They should be suspended pending retaking their psv or the above course so it has a financial effect again something that may stop and make them think next time they come up to a red light …

The lives of the people involved/injured have been permantly affected by the drivers action.

They have a greater responsibilty as they are the ones we entrust our safety when we use public transport … How many of these drivers take children to school .

So i for one think its too lenient …

I’m not religious by a long shot but amen to that :slight_smile:

Yes, but you’re normal, like the rest of us and would spend the rest of your life blaming yourself. I’m just speculating that the driver may be one of those plebs that blames everyone else…in this case, you. There’s a lot of people out there like that m8…no matter how wrong they were they’d still blame the other person.

Well there is a god…

Steve at RSS phoned to say that the CJU had told him that the bus driver refused the driver awareness course saying he “had done nothing wrong”.

Looks like it is going to court.

The only logical explanation I can think of is he has had previous accidents and another strike on his record and he out of the job. Nothing to loose so he’s taking his chances in court pleading not guilty?.

In any case I’m over the moon about the news. :smiley:

good for you mate…letsw hope he gets his comeuppence

Good news, have you been given a date for the hearing?

No, it will take a month or two to issue court proceedings and another few months for a court date. I’ll update this thread when I know and see how many seats are available in the pubic stands for those who are free and want to watch the fireworks. Drinks all round on me afterwards.

Hope things work out mate.

Driver is a plank :angry: