Charlie Brooker is brilliant. . .

+1I bloody love Charlie Brooker …

Wanted to post this video a few months back but decided to stay out of the row that was going on at the time

The guy nails it every time. :slight_smile:

I’d never seen this before - spent last night watching one after the other - they’re legendary! - ta-v-much:)

A pleasure - he’s a voice of sanity crying out in the wilderness. . . :slight_smile:

I wish more people knew how hilarious he was - though a big part of me is happy that he’s only on occasionally - late at night on an obscure channel - so the majority don’t see it and can’t complain about it :smiley:


Tuesday at 10pm … tune in or miss out :wink:

The man is an arse. He’s trying to compare what the supreme knob jockey brothers Brand and Ross did with comedians who were actually funny. He even suggests that it should be allowed because it’s their freedom of speech :w00t:

How you can think this chap is funny is beyond me. He’s complainng of the very same things that he’s using to make his little shows.

He’s missing the point, he’s not very clever and he’s certainly not entertaining. Just like Brand and Ross.

Listen GRUMPY GUTS: :PIt’s a well argued account of how a tabloid press - worried by falling circulation - turned a pathetic and juvenile attempt at humour by Ross and Brand into an issue of earth shattering moral significance - and that consequently it justified the kind of Mary Whitehouse style censorship that if implemented 40 years ago would have emasculated brilliant shows like Monty Python and Not the Nine o’ clock News.The guy has used his series to eviscerate and expose a hypocritical, cynical and vacuous media industry with great wit, intelligence and humour.How you can not find this guy funny is beyond me. . . :)Just out of interest - I’m intrigued to know what someone who does not find this funny - finds funny - if you get my drift . . .

The Week In Bullshit this week was 8 minutes of televisual gold.With Valentines Day just around the corner - I’ll certainly be doing my bit to try and prevent climate change as suggested by Doug Stanhope … just don’t let SJ know … easier to get forgiveness than permission as they say :wink: :w00t: :smiley:


Excellent episode.
Chalie Brooker rules/ owns!!!

Gotta be good enough to warrant changing your sig line to “nobody wants to hear don’t fk in the front hole after a hard day at work”? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Full episodes on iPlayer -

hale and pace?

Well put.

I’ll wager it’s Hagar the Horrible.

Class! Glad to see Brookers back! :cool:

Poem about The Sun’s various campaigns over the years