why not join us this sunday on the p2f charity ride out come and support our injured serving & ex - military personnel. this will be a good one !! starts from box hill at 10am so get to box hill for 9-930 am. ok starts 10am with a ride to the **** inn headley for a fat boys & a mug of tea. back on the bikes for 10.45am ride down to p&h motorcycles crawley for a tea & a ginsters to have on the way!.11.15am. /1140am set of from p&h for the push down to the D-Day museum portsmouth we will stop on the a27 for gas & a wet!! thats it have a look at the web for info all this just for £10 and it will all go to the troops not to pay for staff & pr like must charitys!!! set up by the troops for the troops not to get an mbe" see you all sunday it will be dry & fun… thanks to londonbikes/the **** inn/ginsters/p&h motorcycles/met&surrey police/& the d-day museum. and you lot for all you support, tony p2f

Sorry cant do it, its the Essex Air Ambulance ride out on sunday…its a yearly rideout and all to help our air ambulance guys, who as you know are much needed. If itd been another time, would have tried to get there…

OK it’s a nobel cause but please **** off with the spam, there seems to be over 10 posts about this all from new members with less that 3 posts.

Your as bad as the twats that stop you in the streets every 2 minutes trying to get you to sign up to one charity after another

Cant make it myself, bit of a distance to go on my moto. Keep up the good work though, i might need the help myself one day you never know

Thanks asbo thanks for the look in if you can !! help set a moto ride out be good! all the best and if you need help just call p2f.:slight_smile:

so is that a yes !! to the fun run all the boys with no legs can help you no!! its a 5k run 20.mins max …:w00t:

I might be able to jack something up. Wont be any time soon though because ive gota get my bike sorted out and ive got quite alot going on. But im deff up for sortin somat to raise money. One of my mates or myself could end up needing it one day.

I where a H4H wrist band and got called gay by another squaddy the other day. He said squaddies shouldnt wear them because we are the heros… what a nobber

What runs this then? Id be up for it if i could make it

Yeah maybe i should have checked out the site… :smiley:

I think i can make it for the fun run, not promising anything though. Where is this pub?

so will you be on the next ride!!:smiley: