Charity Egg Run for underprivalegded children

Is anyone in South London going along particularly near Honour Oak/Forest Hill?

I can’t make the run but I’ve bought a few eggs to contribute…

If anyone is from round this way and going on the run, can you swing by to pick em up or at least swing near, and I’ll come meet you with the swag?


Cheers, Kenobi

Hi there

Tesco are doing large eggs for £1 each at the moment

I’m down for this.

If you can get any donated eggs to a central point I will get the van to pick them all up in the morning

Sounds like this things starting to snowball. Great news for blade (for letting me know) and even better for those kids!!!


Easter eggs bought - and will be seeing you on Sat - most prob at the Harley place. :smiley:

Getting easter eggs on friday, fighting off a damn cold at the moment…but i will be there. Not sure where people are meeting for this one so lets write below if you can so we know?Weve had no response to people who have eggs and cant get to the run? How are we going to work this one out guys? Barneys got a van and is willing to help…but some cant get to him or him to them i guess…what can we do here?

Abbeyj, do you want to meet me someplace on route? (you know what im like) :slight_smile:

I was intending to be at the Kings Oak, High Beach.

Will be getting eggs Wednesday/Thursday. If anybody needs eggs collecting (but cant go) from West London, let me know.

Tobys in south london?

We will go from the High Beach meet too :slight_smile: No we wont :frowning: Not able to make it now.

If the people with eggs contact me, I will pick them up if we could meet up somewhere convenient for us both.

:unsure: Not good for me sorry. I was planning on riding straigh over from Ruislip on Saturday Morning.

AbbeyJ, I’ll meet ya too as your near me, tried to call but no answer, call when you can hun

PS can I make a donation rather than bring the egg? they won’t fit in my hump!

Should be a good afternoon, also, the weather’s looking good.

If all things are equal, count me in.

I’ll be starting from Kings Oak too.

Coming from East London if anyone else is heading from that direction.

Just seen this and gives it a little bump.

just mailed toby as i’m only down the road from forest hill…

going to see if I can get leave for the weekend as I might be out sunday as well…

but if I can I will be there as well, so is there any meeting point around london to head up there or will I have to sort out the bodged sat nav again?

Im taking rucksack will get u an egg, give me money later girl !! be good to see you too !Wheres the harley meet then?
***It also starts at Stratstone Harley Davidson, Loxham Road, E4 8SE at 12:30pm.***is that east london for guys coming that way?

Hee hee, hope we dont get seperated, I wouldn’t have a clue were the kids will be waiting for us!!

Do we have a route?