Charity Egg Run for underprivalegded children

Hi I’m trying to drum up some support for a very worth while charity called community links. You will find them at they are at 105 Barking Road, Canning town, London, E16 4HQ. At Easter and Christmas there is a run organised by the BMF. In years gone by there were as many as 150 bikes on the run but in recent years that number has dropped to 15-20 bikes.
The Run starts at The kings Oak public house car park, High Beach, Essex, IG10 4AE at 12PM (noon).On April 4th 2009
It also starts at Stratstone Harley Davidson, Loxham Road, E4 8SE at 12:30pm.
So lets try to make this years Egg Run one of the best ever.
There will be refreshments (tea coffee buttered x buns) and a raffle at the end of the run
These children will not get an egg unless we buy them one.
If Any one who can’t make the run wants to donate eggs you can contact me and i’ll arrange to pick up somewhere convenient for both of us.

Hi Chris, ok im up for this seeings it to help out these poor kiddies. Hard to believe that they wouldnt even get a egg really, something we take for granted i suppose. I will prob meet u at high beach start…and its not too early which suits me too !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else wanna come with me from there? We could meet up on the way, after this we could prob head off to the Ace? what u think biking buddies? anyway im down for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Im surprised no one wants to take part in this, its not a huge rideout, its just a short ride to drop off a poxy easteregg to kids that dont get any? Does no one want to come with us?

A very good cause - so I am up for it.

Should be a fun ride out!

Will bring a few people with as well.



Unfortunately I have to work that weekend and I can not get the time off.

Good luck with the run I hope you get loads more riders…

:frowning: = can not come

:smooooth: = good cause, do it for the kids

Thanks babes, i was going to talk to u and the “guys” about this one…it will be cool…i will meet up with u before hand / on route…as per usual !! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to do this however I now work saturdays!! :frowning: Is there a way I can still donate something that maybe someone else could take along for me? :slight_smile:

I’m up for this… let’s show some LB support for this one. we will be in the right area for a ‘progressive’ ride home if the weather plays ball :slight_smile:

I’ll supply a van and technician, if everyone can get people to bring any egss they are donating to the start point we can stick them in the van and then we will follow everyone to the finish point. Afterwards we will drop whatever eggs have been collected to a central point if that helps. Let me know if that is of any use.

Grim & I will join in on this one :cool: I am starting a new job but pretty sure I wont be working :slight_smile:

Count me in! :smiley:

Don’t see why I couldn’t make it, barring plans her indoors might have. Pencil me in.

Sounds a worthy cause, I’ll have to check my diary.

I’m in!!!

hi guys, i had this email today from Chris,(CB11RC) the guy whos involved in this day? (DEP is Dagenham Engine Plant DSTO is Dagenham Stamping & Tooling) we are talking Fords here guys…but hopefully there will be quite a gathering and hopefully LB can boost those numbers for the kiddies? Come on, you know you want your piccy in the Ford Magazine !!! :wink:

I’ve been contacted by several people all from DEP one of them is in the Chelmsford ROSPA group and is going to try for some of the group there to come, another has offered the marshalling services of the Unity Ride marshals if we need them (70 of them) so I HOPE we will need them. I’ve spoken to several people in DSTO about coming and they’re talking to friends as well. So at the moment its looking good. I’m going to pm the van man in a mo, keep getting jobs to do but that’s what I’m here for. I never thought of asking for donations from LB members who can’t come on the ride.

count me in
ill be there


Just so I know, how much is everybody else lookin at spending on an egg for these kids? I was thinking of about a £5 :ermm:

yeah about that, can get some good eggs for that price…

My thoughts exactly! Also, just noticed an advert. Tesco’s are doing big easter eggs for half price!! So thats possibly two for a fiver!!