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On the 3rd - 7th September I am taking part in a charity event that has a bikers twist and wondered if any of you fancied joining the event? It’s really gaining momentum now and word is spreading.

I/we (and im sure the kids along the way) would be very grateful if you would help spread the word to gain sign up or possibly help in some other way.

“Long Way to Go” is an exciting and ambitious event!

5 days, over 1,000 miles… in one epic motorbiking adventure.

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Elly the elephant and a determined convoy of bikers will be revving their rides to make noise about neuroblastoma – raising awareness for children with cancer everywhere. A huge 8ft model Elephant will ride amongst the group, covered in pictures of childrenaffected by childhood cancer. - See more at:

You can join us for the whole challenge or just a leg!

3rd - London-Leeds

4th - Leeds-Glasgow

5th - Glasgow-Dublin

6th - Dublin-Conwy (North Wales)

7th - Conwy-London

No entry fee AND dinner is on us!

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please donot hesitate to get in touch.

Or joing the Facebook group! -

I have attached the event poster with a bit more detail of the route of which people can take part in any or all days.

Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Long Way to Go « NCCA UK

I can’t go on the ride itself but I’m sure that if you want a big crowd of bikes in London for an event, Londonbikers can oblige :smiley:

Are there any London based events planned as part of the tour?

We are hoping to do a mini tour of London at some point for PR but details not confirmed. It would be very very useful to LondonBikers help with that!

The priority is getting people on the ride though…

If people can’t do it all, day 1 or 5 involves London!

Day 5 finishes at Ace Café! It’s also on the weekend!

Looks a good route may be interested if I can do it in 24hrs :slight_smile:

I dont think everyone else will be able to keep up :stuck_out_tongue:

Few more sign ups :slight_smile:

Any more fancy it???