Charging my phone while using the Google navigator

Hi Guys,

I need a bit of LB wisdom here. Attached to my batery iI have got a 12v car charger, which i use to plug my phone and navigate with it. this entirely makes the flow of the electricity to my phone, however, my phone doenst charge if having google navigator running on it.

I am using a HTC desire

My last concern is to blame the battery which apparently doenst hold the charge well. but always stars on the button (with a little of gas of cold…)

Hope you can help

I had the HTC desire until I came off the bike last week and landed on it!

It’s a fairly well known problem (sorry) that most USB chargers charge at 500mA/h, especially the car chargers. Because the desire is using GPS and potentially Bluetooth as well, they both kill the battery and it’s discharging it’s battery faster than the charger can top it up.

You need to buy a specific 1000mA/h charger (the HTC certified one is more expensive but works) and it’ll charge fast enough to outdo the GPS and Bluetooth depletion.

Having the screen on at full brightness is a killer on the battery as well so turn the brightness down a bit… hope that helps!

Oh dear Wil - Hope you’re OK!

Well Spot on, i have just checked and yeah, the charger lighter is 600mah, and the battery. i will be buying something from 1000 mah plus, though, is there anything stronger than that?

Oh dear Wil - Hope you’re OK!

Thanks you two, crash bungs and excess eating for padding to arse seemed to have saved anything too serious. Bit of bruising which is finally going a couple of weeks later and one dead phone. I suppose that’s not too bad really for a first off. (too much front brake when a lemming walked out in front of me in the rain and whee…).

Back to the original point- I think anything over 1000mA/h is fine, I’d be a bit wary of going nuts with a 2100mA/h but it probably can’t hurt. If the phone starts getting too hot (mine did all the time when GPS/ Bluetooth was running) then you need the lower power- no point in cooking it as long as it’s charging while you’re using it.