charging my iphone whilst riding?

Any ideas on how i can do this?

Is there anyway of making a usb port from the battery, or an AC charger.
because i have got a TomTom app on my phone which will half a battery in about 20 minutes…


You can get a car charger for the iphone, it’s not made by Apple but my brother has one and it works fine. Then you can use the normal 12v socket off the battery method.

or get a solar panelled back pack :slight_smile:

or get a hand crancked usb charger an attach to a wheel :w00t:

You can hard wire a cigarette lighter (make sure you include an inline fuse too) to the battery and get a USB power outlet to shove in it from Maplin. Then just use the cable the phone came with to charge it or buy a spare one on ebay. Job done.

I charge mine while riding all the time, as I find the GPS functions really drain the battery. (Sat Nav, Ride Logger)

You can buy a simple connector on Ebay for the battery that gives you a cigarette lighter, and then you just buy the in-car charger for the iPhone.

Works fine.

I’ve wired in a cigarette lighter adapter under the seat on my bike aswell, I use a relay to only supply power when the ignition is on aswell and also made a distribution box so I can power a load of other stuff from the bike aswell (usually camera and recorder). Works a charm :slight_smile:

On Ebay you can get battery chargers that you charge by USB from a computer, then can charge anything that then charges from USB. I have one and use it on the bike for the satnav, recharge the phone when travelling etc. The one I have will power a TomTom satnav for over 8 hours so should recharge a phone several times.

Great suggestions, thatks all.

Could you give me a link for that please?
Ive had a borwse and im not 100% sure what im actually looking for.

This is it -

I’ve a fag lighter socket under the seat too. wired in dead easy and the tomtom charger goes under the tank to come out at the bars.

I use my bike daily anyway so there’s no risk of it going flat. only thing its juicing is the LED on the charger anyway