Charging bikes to cross the thames ... send in your "feedback now"

dont know if this is out there already but think its worth getting bike users to have their say on charging us for using the tunnels

TfL are consulting on the proposed Silvertown tunnel link, a part of which is to charge motorcycles to use the new tunnel AND the existing Blackwall tunnel.

Charge will be £2 at peak times in direction of main flow and £1 non peak between 06.00 and 22.00.

Anyone with a view can express them at - see link at bottom of page

This reminds me of the ‘no to the bike parking tax’ funtimes. Is there a more considered argument than “I don’t pay now and I’d rather not pay in future” that anyone’s planning on making?

Sounds like an excellent scheme. Good that they’ve taken into consideration peak and off peak rates.

Well, I went for the argument that the the charge is to tackle congestion and emissions, and the fact they don’t plan to charge for low emission cars that still create more congestion emit more emissions than (most) bikes).

Do low emission cars emit more pollution than motorbikes?
I believe the environmental legislation for cars is generally more onerous than for bikes, or certainly was up until quite recently. And that’s ignoring all the decat systems out there. Fuel efficiency is surprisingly poor compared to cars as well when you consider the size difference.


Do low emission cars emit more pollution than motorbikes?


Not generally. You need a pretty frugal bike (maybe an NC700 but more likely a 125) to beat something like a corsa. Depending on how rigged the tests are…

I guess the silvertown tunnel will be privately constructed/run so charging for the Dartford tunnel reduces the risk that everyone will carry on using the Dartford crossing and income reduced at Silvertown like happened with the M6 toll that barely anyone uses even if the M6 is gridlocked.

If I’m reading it correctly, this isn’t set to come into action until the silvertown tunnel opens in 2023 anyway (which will no doubt end up being a couple of years later), by which time £2 will barely be enough to buy you a packet of crisps.

A bit off-topic, but I like the M6 toll. The fact I can head down it without worrying about traffic, even at “peak” times. Makes getting “oop norrf” that bit easier.

Yeah, I like the feeling of superiority I get from avoiding the paupers on the M6

We had this topic a month ago but it’s probably worth bringing it up again. Doubt it’ll change anything though.

The way to get it revoked is to not have money ready. Get to the toll booth, stop, take off your gloves, and take your time in getting your money out. I beleive that is how the toll was removed for motorcyclist on the Dartford crossing many years ago. The motorcyclist were taking up so much time in getting their money out, that is caused signifcant delays to others, so they dropped the charge.

I’m sure you posted exactly that months back, is this a bug in the forum or have you just stumbled across this thread? Ah, no, it’s just copy-pasted out of the thread Cypher linked to.

Either way, that isn’t a way to get excepted from a toll. That’s just being a dick.

@Aceman - it will be automatic charge, same as Dartford Crossing or Congestion charge.