Channel4 are looking for unlikely candidates to train up at Santa School and work overthe festive season. We are looking for colourful people who might be lookingfor work and interested in trying something a little different this Christmas.

Get in touch if you can think of anyone who would be great for theseries!

Call 0207 424 7723 or email [email protected]

Very best,


What’s the pay, :hehe:

Tug would be perfect :wink:

mince pie and a sherry left out for you, but some fat man normally consumes it before you have a chance

I don’t like sherry :frowning:

santa does, fat bastage

woozy does your reg end in pfm ?


its VUN

why :blink:

Got you see a guy on bike like yours at the lights by the imperial war museum this morning wondered if it was you thats all .

oh lol, thought it was an acronym for Pretty Fuckedup Mind

I have the right colour hair :slight_smile:

Maybe there are a few Jimmy Saville lookalikes out there looking for work at the moment. Give them a tug.

ch4 should do a doc on LB meetups on wed nights

Ross would be perfect for this Hahahahaha :w00t:

wanna be the elf?

Im to tall for an elf… lol

I saw a guy today who looked the spit of Steven Segull … how cool would it be to look like Steven Segull