Changing tyre


Anyone recommends a place where I can get new tires fitted around Mile End area -E3-.

Also (this might sound silly), how do you guys normally change your tires? Do you buy them online, take them to the workshop and pay the labour only? Do you purchase them at the workshop and let them do the whole deal there?

Any opinions on the Metzeler Z6



I let the shop do the whole thing.

Either go to a tyre shop and buy the tyres usually with free fittingOr get a bike shop to do your service including new tyres
Alternatively if you have a pal with a tyre machine, who can do a decent
job fitting and balancing bike tyres, then buy them wherever and get
your pal to fit them.

I’ve picked up tyres at a bike show for a very good price and had a friendly
mechanic fit them, unfortunately he’s moved and I now have to go with
option 1 or 2.

Check t’internet and phone around for best prices.

He said Mile End London E3 only one place to go

Unit 3 Barratt Park industrial Estate

Gillender Street, Bow, London E3 3JX

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Would have expected this to be the first post, what are you guys smoking!!

Thanks guys!!

I will go for essential rubber since it just around the corner from my house.


They’re that good that others travel intergalactic miles for their service :wink: