Changing a clutch

Hi all

Is it easy to change a clutch on a bike or is it something a should leave to the pro’s.


Which bike?

Kawasaki ZXR400

took me 45 minutes to do the clutch on my FJ1200 - would take me 30 minutes next time round. Very simple. But to be honest, it is very likely different for yours. Check if there is a forum for ZXR400’s and ask there.

well having just changed mine i would say take it to a dealer, ive got a fzs fazer 600 and it looked well complicated.

Its not that difficult to do as long as you have the correct tools some space and of course, time.

the ZXR clutch is an easy one the change, however you will need and 8mm socket for the case bolts, a 10mm socket and a new gasket* and a torque wrench.

Disconnect the clutch cable.

you very well may get away with not draining the oil, as the bike leans away on the sidestand, but check.

Undo the 11 (or could be 12) 8mm headed bolts around the clutch casing.

gently tap with a rubber mallet (or you can use a bit of wood) to break the seal, the casing is retained on two dowls, looking at the side of the engine these will be at approx 1 o’clock & 7 o’clock, wiggle it off.

the face plate is retained by 5 bolts compressing five springs, undo these evenly (a few turns on each at a time) so as to remove the plate as flat as possible.

once removed you should be able to access the friction plates and replace.

Make sure you coat with a little engine oil when you fit the new ones.

refit in reverse order (making sure to fit the face plate evenly) and troque the bolts down.

  • you might be able to use the original gasket if you’re careful

Hope that helps.

Cheers Mark.


Cool. Top instructions Mark

Im sure that well described action plan has given confidence to many of us who dont often wield the spanners.
Good man!