changing a brake lever

i want to replace the brake lever on my cbf500 as the berk who had it before me (he was a mate of mine actually…) managed to drop the bike and bend the existing lever.

i’ve found one for a tenner on ebay but am wondering how straightforward it is to replace? i am no mechanic, but am fairly good at tinkering/fixing things, so can anyone give a brief explanation of the process? or would i be better off getting it done at a garage…


Just did mine on the bandit after my little mishap - basically consisted of undoing a bolt, sliding the old one out, putting the new one in place and then putting the bolt back.

They are super easy to replace (5 mins) but:

  • don’t buy second hand, they can contain hair line cracks that can suddenly fail
  • the cheap pattern ones on Ebay usually corrode easily (aluminium goes all cloudy, furry) so try and find a more expensive one if you can.

I speak from experience by in the past being a cheapskate on both the above points!

Well Mr Monkey,

this is a great opportunity to live up to your name:D

Very simple - remove the nut off the bolt holding the brake lever on, remove old brake lever, install new brake lever, re-attach nut. Tighten.

Easy as pie, you may need a spanner!

sweet, thanks all, i shall have a go at it myself!

and thanks for the heads up on the cheapo parts, buy cheap pay dear as my gran would say…

yes just one bolt

i think your rights to the name greasemonkey should be revoked! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! I reckon the OP should repent by spending a week locked in a quiet room with only a Haynes manual for company :stuck_out_tongue: