Changing 2008 R6 front pads and front hoses.

My Oracle of a friend and I, well mostly him really, changed my front cables to braided ones and pads to PF ones. Here’s how we got on: – part 1 – part 2

Fancy working on my R6?

Very nice.

Did the Hel hoses make much of a difference to the standard ones?

I’m going to silverstone next Monday so will be able to tell better then. At the moment I am still get my new pads to bed in properly, but they are feeling pretty strong at the moment. Should have a better idea after the 20th. I have a feeling they will be pretty damn good though…

H-E-L make a great hose, wise choice :cool:

Nice one with the videos mate. Im so scared to touch the pads in case I can’t get them back together again :frowning:

I am with you - if I didn’t have someone who knew what they were doing that I had full confidence in I wouldn’t want my brakes changed either! I can’t be worried if I am braking from 160mph (on the track) that I am not going to stop!!

Oh, and braking is back up to strength. They are very powerful indeed and allow for later braking. The power seems to be in sharper pulls rather than progressive. I think I’m going to get on with them real nice.

The pads are performance friction compound 07 if anyone’s interested.

How much did they set you back? And do you reckon they’ll be alright for the salty winter roads?