Changes to the Mille

Thought I might aswell put a thread of up the bits and pieces I’m doing to the bike as we all know I can’t leave erm standard.

As always shortie pazzo’s

General check over and new flasher relay as the other one was dead thanks to a mismatch of indicators by the previous owner.

Full set of Oxford eyeshot nano indicators but this ment I needed to run some 1a diodes to stop it back feeding through the dash and making the other side flash aswell which also knocked out my fuel light and I ran out :frowning: the other wires are a ground return

Off I cabbies to cut up the undertray as the tail tidy was too big. He made me up a tidy bracket and cleaned up the plastics for a clean simple look

And today the ecu race chip turned up from af1 racing in Italy so now it matches the race can and filter :slight_smile:

Next up headraces

Barry, Is that rear tyre shot? The angles on it look quite severe?

Glad your getting the niggles sorted. Looks a lovely bike mate.

Shorten the standard can???
Suspension set up and your done!

Rear tyre is on the markers on the right side.

I want to cut the can but it’ll just muck up the fueling so I’ll leave it full size

B will be having her at some point to set up

Looking tidy Baz :slight_smile: …I’ll just leave this here…

Already got a set of those came with the bike

So yesterday was tyres rosso 2 190 55 on the rear and taper headraces bearings you can see the difference between the top and bottom races thanks to crap getting in there and the previous owner not changin them

you just cant leave things alone can ya baz :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope like my own stamp on the bikes I own :slight_smile:

lucky the bike didnt fall off the bloody work bench with the wheels hanging over the edge!

If he was at cabbie’s workshop then he’s in very safe and capable hands

i have seen GP mechanics drop bikes off of benches :wink:

I’ve seen them doing it on that choppers program… They’re always doing it on the choppers program…

Mind you, the best place for a chopper is on its side, on the floor. It’s better that way…

i was looking for the like button Conrad but then i realised that this isn’t facebook.