Chance to do DAS cheap !!

Hi guys. There’s a chance to do DAS cheap in london .
Website is having a promo 2 for price of 1.
Im looking for the second person , who would be willing to do course with me.
Im interested in 5 days DAS which is £480.
Ive calculated everything , and in total it would cost £805 with bike (£402.5 each ), or if you want to use own bike it will be even cheaper.
If anyones interested please pm me asap , because the promo runs till end of january (theres little spaces left ), and if ill get no reply till monday i will do it by myself.

er dude sorry to burst your bubbly but that is about going price for 1 person, a little cheaper yes but not by much… on average your looking at about £450 with everything included like bike higher etc etc…

also make sure that includes test fee’s as that could be another £50-£80 pending test change dates

actually I have just had a look at their site and believe me you can get cheaper, some of those prices are discusting nearly £800 for 6 days training!!!

let me know where you live I maybe able to get you in contact with a very good instructor

london E2

I paid £450 for 3 days inc test & bike hire at the place in Sidcup on the A20 :slight_smile:

Are we talking about london prices???
My post is talking about Full 5 day’s DAS including CBT , test,plus optional £10 insurance per day (so if you drop it don’t pay a penny )
So if ill do it myself -thats £480 + £50 (insurance ) =£530
And its cheaper if there’s 2 ppl

I am interested in this, and am totally free from 26th Feb to 8th March… Is that posible?

The thing is that their offer runs till end of january only

for london prices that not bad, i payed 550 for the same thing, my mate did it at the same price about 3 months ago and cost him 600

that was eliet in wimbeldon

i did mine in may last year and did four days but they were offering 550ish for 5 days includes your cbt, test, use of there bike and insurance, everything basically, just turn up in the morning and go home at night, think they even have helmets to use, they are north london motorcycle training or something like that, based just off edgware road nw9, not sure if that helps mate, much cheaper than the 800 you will pay on ur own,

I did my DAS with them , the London outfit is based in the car park in Collingdale just past the Peel Centre and the RAF museum.

I also did a CBT with them and had good experiences with both.

Check out Eastside Riders. Close to you and I had a very good expereince with them.


I saw that you wanted to do a DAS in london, I did mine with Eastside riders, for £455.00 as a 3 day course, passed first time with no minor errors.

I called them up for a £30.00 assesment, which was a 20min ride with an instructor following me then a few u turns and cone work on my 125cc (whch I’d been riding for 6 months).

The assesment was for them to decide whether I could do the 3 day course or the 4 day, Lian was happy for me to do the 3 day, which I paid for and they deducted the £30.00 assesment charge from the price.

For the course I use dthier CB125 for day 1, then their CBF500 for days to and 3, with my test being on the 3rd day, really are great, my comments are on their website, the training is in London with your test in Chingford, quite rural and some 60mph country roads too, through Epping Forrest.

Here’s their website, on lea bridge road, neer Layton / Hackney.

paid mine already .
Cbt- 1st Feb , then taking 10 days break to practice riding , to be followed by 3 days of Das with the exam on the last day .
All for 439. (including cbt , bike and practical exam)

I had been planning to do the DAS in my parents town of Newbury. Found out the total cost is £695! Thats crazy money - loads more than here in London, isn’t it?

Hey there Amen,

Where did you manage to find if for £439!

eastside seem to want £750 for DAS?



That was 3 years ago.

I done my restricted test with Eastside Rider about 10 months ago for just over £300. Having done the course I would say their expertise is worth a lot more.

For me it was a pleasure to do it there. Instructors were top class. Passed my Mod 1 and 2 with a clean sheet. One very happy customer and two very happy instructors. Highly recommended.

Sorry did not realise it was 3 years ago.

But for the price to have nearly doubled in 3 years?

I want to do DAS but at £700+ it’s completely unaffordable for me :frowning:

Looks like I may be stuck with 4 wheels.

Just do your restricted and wait a couple of years. The cheapest way.