Champion Moto UK

Anyone had any dealings with Champion Moto UK in Wales before?

I ordered a set of Weise leather trousers and a pair of Draggin jeans from them over the internet on the 13th of July.

I hadn’t heard anything about about my order from them last Friday i.e. the 22nd, apart from the email to confirm the order when I originally placed it on line, so I phoned up to find out when the order would be dispatched, but there was no answer. I called back a couple hours later still with no answer, so left a voicemail with my name, number and order number asking them to come back to me…but still nothing.

I emailed Saturday, but got nothing back and tried ringing again today but only got the voicemail.

I’m getting that horrible sinking feeling that something major is up!

Where they closed for holidays perhaps ? I ordered some stuff from Chainspeed and they only re-opened today !