Challenge a Dartford Crossing PCN?


So I got a PCN for crossing the Dartford bridge on a Saturday (in my car). I saw the big red circles with a letter ‘C’ in the middle, but being quite central in London I just associate this with the Congestion charge and immediately dismissed it as it was a weekend…didn’t read the smaller print underneath (I was looking at the road!) Can I appeal it on grounds of the ‘C’ symbol ambiguity? :thinking:


The first time you get a notice they usually just ask you to register and pay the charge. That’s what happened to me. That may have been closer to when it was launched though.

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I would defo give them a call plead your case I got hit the exact same way, but because it was my first offence they just made me pay the £2-£3 or whatever it was.

Personally I think it is absolute B’sh!t that they removed the barriers warnings etc etc. for the likes of me a casual user (we’re talking like once every 5yrs) it is all too easy to just forget which is what happened above.

What they should actually be doing is setting up a system whereby you can say prepay an amount so if you go into controlled zones the funds come out or you get warned etc.


Same here - I rarely cross…Am I right in thinking the big bridge is charged but the tunnel is free? The odd time I’ve been through in the past it has been via the tunnel and there was no charge…


…you can do that - I just set up an account that will debit if I ever cross again!


Does that cover, Congestion charge, and dartford corssing etc?


Just the crossing. There must be similar for congestion tho?


No, both have a fee.

I am slightly confused because they do have loads of signs (definitely on tunnel approach) but yeah, plead it and they may let you off.

I’ve registered online with an account and you pay less but I do use it every few months to go to in laws, so maybe not practical if you only use it once or twice a year. I just top mine up with the minimum every time


I think am usually on the bike when I go through, which is free, so I forget when am in the car…I rang them up and have appealled. Turns out its the 2nd time - they gave me one last year that let me off…trouble is I don’t remember it!


Poor attention and memory? Time to see a doctor methinks :joy:


Haha! Been there, done that…a lot :star_struck:


Congestion Charge autopay costs £10 a year. I’ve mine setup although I rarely if ever drive in the zone during charging hours. It’s worth it for the convenience though. After I had the warning shot on the Dartford Crossing I set that one up too.

If you drive on the M50 in Dublin it’s the same deal and you will get fined with UK plates.


Both have the charge. Though motorbikes are free (so you won’t be charged)


Don’t know if this is too late but I rented a car a few months ago and used the crossing. Forgot to pay it and only remembered a week after when it was already too late. Got the inevitable penalty notice from them but managed to successfully contest it as it was my first time. I think it even says it somewhere on their website that they might let you off the hook if you’re a first time offender.


I only use this once in a blue moon too, I’ve registered all my cars put in my payment card details so I no longer have to worry about it - It’s simple and more hassle to do otherwise!!!