Thanks for posting that; very interesting.

Especially like the bit about correctly lubing the chain - spraying it all down the side of the tyre :w00t:

Dont think i’ll be doing that in a hurry.

“What all this means is, that X-ring type seals have less than half the friction of a O-ring type because the seals don’t have to be pressed as tight, so the seals last much longer & the lubrication stays in the chain much longer too… which means your chain can last almost twice as long… (up to 30,000 miles)!!!”

Hmmmm, my OEM o-ring chain did 30K and still had another 15K of life left in it.

Seems to be a lot of marketing, and hype and little hard fact in that.

Better not to have one.

obviously not thrashing bike hard enough Kev :D:D:D