Got a 530 XHO 120 link triple S chain, but being a prize prat Ive lost the rivet link :blush: (awaits pee taking) now what I wanna know is, does anyone on here know where I could get another one from ? :wink:

Try a motorbike shop d!ckwad:D

i can, but you get 5 of them and it cost £12 for the lot :smiley:

Code: CHLR0530


A 530 soft link is a 530 soft link. It doesn’t need to be manufacturer specific. As long as you tell them it’s an o ring chain you will be OK

I looked at that site spooky lol :slight_smile: only want bleeding one not five !! will ring the shops round here and see if anyone got one but if not guess £12 better than new chain :wink:

Get one off ebay for £3.99 or any bike shop with a spares dept.

BikeIt only sell five in a packet as with BikeIt parts you have to replace them every 100 miles to keep the chain on your bike!! :smiley:

webbers near harrow there £2.75

But its bikeit who supply the SSS chains to start with :w00t:

Have you sorted this yet grandad?:cool:

nope not yet fecked orf to haggis land instead will do it 2moro :smiley:

Got the bits and conned a mate to fit it, plus sort out carbs etc beware the beast when unleashed :smiley:

be the best teasmade on LB :slight_smile: