Chaining to Lamp/Telephone post

Is it legal to chain your bike, via the front/rear wheel, to a lamp/telephone post but still have it parked on the street? Westminster council zone.

If its in a bike bay then yes…if not no

all ways best to try and chain it to the frame, wen pos:)

Some lamp-posts and posts with illuminated signs have a little inspection door in the side, often low down near the pavement. Poss best to avoid those then it will not give them any excuse to say your bike’s in the way.

Thanks for the quick answer, and the tip about the frame. They don’t make it easy for bikers do they.

I finally tracked down the 2 regular parking wardens on my street and they both said it’s not a problem, as long as I have paid up my res parking permit. Nice! Almax chain and lock ordered. :cool:

Should have gone to Specsavers …

whoops, I mean PJB Security

Thanks for the link Art. This one :

linky looks really useful for me. It’s buried into the ground and is flush with the surface.