Chaining technique

Just got my new Almax series 4 chain and lock. Its the heaviest chain I have ever seen.

Was wondering whats the best way of locking the bike.

  1. through the rear tyre and an anchored post.
  2. through the swing arm and an anchored post.
  3. through the swing arm and the tyre but not through the anchored post.

I guess it would be best if I could put it through the the swing arm and through the tyre and then through the anchored post but my 1.5 m chain isnt long enough.

How do you guys lock your bikes?


How ever you do it… Just don’t leave any chain on the ground.

Most chains can be hammered using the concrete/tarmac to help smash the chain.

So keep it tight!

The chain loses its effectiveness if its not passed through something solid and immovable, the bike can still be lifted up and vanned away in seconds.
I’d go through the swingarm rather than the wheel as the wheel can always be unbolted and left! I am paranoid tho’ !! :smiley:

I choose number one please :slight_smile:

I go for #4 please…stick it through the frame :slight_smile:

If you stick it through the wheel, they take the wheel off and leave the wheel behind

If you stick it through the swinger (thats cool if its braced and put through there) and if its not braced, they will just take your wheel off and slip the chain off…and have your wheel aswell

Or you could buy a old shitter thats worth f0ck all and live happerly ever after :smiley:

The only sure way is to have a very long Almax chain and pass it through the back wheel, swinging arm, frame, round the engine, between the exhausts, between the front fork head stocks, through the front wheel and around a lamp post, or similar. But with no chain on the ground!

Then you clip the attack dog on a running line to the Almax.

At the end, it’s all about detering the scrotes. No matter what you do, if they are serious professionals and want it, it’ll be gone. Complete with the dog and lamp post if necessary.

One end through the frame other end through a cemented in ground anchor and chain off the ground;)

Through the frame and to a ground anchor… Best way. Or to a tree…

I tend to go round something relatively immovable, through the front wheel, and onto one of the frame tubes that goes down the sides of my exhaust downpipes.