Chain Splitting and Riverting tool

Afternoon Peeps.

Turns out i need to replace my chain. Bought a splitter thinking it would be both turns out I was wrong (very much my fault for not paying attention).

Having looked around seems very mixed reviews on various tools, so anyone here have one they are happy with and could recommend?

I had done some research and found this one came recommended:

I’ve not bought it yet, but I do intend next year.

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That Motion Pro one is what my mates have, works very well.

I’ve used the Whale chain tool for a few years and it couldn’t be easier.
Not cheap though as they’re about £85 now and annoyingly I can’t find mine.
You could go old school with two hammers or a G clamp and a ball bearing but that could easily end in tears.
I wouldn’t bother with pushing out pins, just cut the chain off with an angle grinder.

Can you buy it now and i’ll borrow it?

haha, was hoping for something a bit cheaper given it will be one of those tools I used once every few years.

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I’ve got a £10 ebay special similar to this

Its now 10 year old, only used it to rivet 530 drive chain, 4 chains fitted and no sign of any wear.

Biggest mistake most make with the splitter is attacking the chain with no preparation…

The cheaper splitters will generally bend or snap the bit if you don’t grind/file the rivet heads before attempting splitting …

Machine mart do a basic one

My one looks so exactly like that (except for now label on the box) that it may be the same one. Though I am sure I paid something like £25 based on a recommendation somewhere.

I also use it to split chains with no preparation and, well, it broke the chain. Tool was fine, though. Mind, I guess it makes a difference if you break are not breaking a master link.

If you are going to removes the heads off the rivets first then you may as well just do as Longshanks says and just cut the chain off. It was a lot less fiddly with the tool, though.