Chain Splitter / Rivetter - Where can I get one?

Hi folks,
Anyone suggest where I can pick up off the shelf a chain splitter / rivetter?
N/NW London ish
Need one for Saturday, desperate to get bike back on road!
Any suggestions welcome (obviously as cheap as poss!!)

do you want one to just spit the chain, or to reattach it aswell?
if its just to spit the chain this shop has one

thanks, but need a rivetter as well

daytona in Ruislip

do the motrax one iirc


good luck

For a drive chain you don’t really need one, just angle grind the old one off and bash the pins over on the new one with 2 hammers. 2 small (5mm ish) sockets and vices will greatly help you get the side plate on BTW.