chain & split link

Nice ride today exploring Hertfordshire B roads :slight_smile:

Oil changed, bike cleaned after ride so went to lube the chain.
Shock :w00t: split link clip gone.

Could any one tell me if I buy just a clip or new split link?
Are they all the same?

Also noticed the ends of the rivets and more so the split link rivet ends are polished, looks like they must be touching something :angry:

Recently put new tyre on and adjusted chain, if I didn’t line the wheel correctly, may this be a reason of loosing that clip?

Whould that do the job ?





You can’t buy the spring on it’s own. You will have to buy the whole link, but they are not expensive. you will need to identify the chain make and link size. This info is stamped on each link plate. The spring link itself is directional. The closed end has to point in the direction of travel, i.e. if the spring link was on the upper length of the chain the closed end would be pointing forward. Personally I would change it for a rivet link.

indeed if your not swaping your gearing alot or changing from moto to off road wheels a lot a rivit link would be the best option…

Yep, SM’s wreck chains and spring clips always fall off. Get a rivet one:)

Ok , Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Looks like I need to get rivet-type master link.

It says REGINA on my chain, as on the last picture. Would that be brand name?


and it should say the pitch also 520 id think…

Went again to check chain and its only written REGINA, no numbers.

I know from Simon that it is Z-Ring Chain 520 OEM KTM.

Intresting site:

Could I use link I have now on my bike and press as rivet link ?

yeah but it would be a crappy job… :slight_smile:

you can get a regina soft link, maybe no more than a 5er. i have a chain riviter mate.