Chain Snapped

On my way home tonight my chain snapped! Luckily I had a mate who could come and get me in his van but i did have to wait 2 hours…

What do you all do when you have a problems with your bikes? Would RAC membership on my car cover me on my bike - I really was stuck with what to do! If my mate couldnt have picked me up I was thinking about getting the bike on a train at Cannon St as I was only on Lower Thames St

Would fitting a chain & sprocket set to my CG be an easy job or is it best left to those that know? If theres any mobile mechanics in the Sidcup area and fancy doing it let me know as I’ll probably be booking it in at D&H for tomorrow for Sat - does need to be done asap really.


RAC will pick you up as it is you, not the vehicle that is covered with them…its about half hour to an hour job.

It snapped as I pulled away so not that unlucky and I check it once a week but thanks for your help