Chain problem

My bike has done 10500 miles since August and I don’t think I’ve always kept the chain as lubed as it should be so I now have 3 links which are tight, I’ve tried flexing them and adding extra lubrication but it doesn’t seem to have helped.

I can get an OEM chain from the Kwak dealer but is there any benefit in fitting a different make or type ? I need a 520 pitch 112 link chain and most seem to be O ring, is there an advantage to X ring ? Are they all the same ?

I guess you already have an ‘o’ ring chain and the o rings have prob fallen apart on some of the links helping them to sieze up. I am not an expert but x rings are just different shaped o rings and there will prob be y and z rings soon to spend our money on.
I would say have a really good look at your sprockets and replace also if any doubt , buy a quality brand o ring chain and if you want to save a chunk of money fit it yourself. if you are confident with that.
Rockerchic just saved herself about 70 quid and learnt ‘how to’ at the same time.


X ring chains are the puppies to go for as the shape of the ‘o’ ring is different and hold the grease in better. Although to be fair i have never had problmes with O ring chains.

M&P do pretty good deals on decent make chains.

personally i’d go for something like Regina, EK or DID




What’s a chain? :D:P

Silver bling that goes around your gregory.

I had a regina chain, very good it was too.:slight_smile:

Kind of like one of them rubber bands you beginners use, til you’re allowed to play with the big boyz and the heavy metal! :smiley:

Bought a DID chain in the end, X ring low friction, super heavy duty whizzo wonderful thing but it’s gold not black, not really into bling but it’s got to go on, not messing about again. Also bought the rivet link for it rather than use the clip link, somebody suggested this was safer.

Also bought a tool for removing the old chain and riveting the new link, I say tool, it’s more like a piece of metal **** that’s sold in a plastic box with a few pins for £50, what a rip off, will be going back to demon thieves on Tuesday.

I’m happy enough to angle grind the old chain link head off to remove it but can somebody recommend a good rivet tool for fixing the new link in place ? I’d like a proper tool with a screw piece not one that requires me to use a hammer near my bike :wink:

I also bought a little laser alignment tool which you place on the rear sprocket and it shows if the chain is aligned or not, very nice, saves making the tool that Chunky talked about.

See how wide the laser beam is and tell me how that’s as accurate as the “traditional” method;)

Nowt wrong with using two hammers to peen over the rivets on your link…be brave;)

Save yourself £50, and put it towards a quiet crash hat;):smiley:

Seriously, DID do a cracking rivetting tool for about £100, cheaper ones are exactly that;)

iv always use 2 hammers :slight_smile:

we have some industrial tool at work but you still have to hammer the pin in it to peen it over…