chain oiler

has anyone used one of these and and can comment on its performance?

ive been considering getting a scottoiler for my hornet when i came across an article in the latest ride mag comparing different chain oiling devices. This one got the best buy award.

For only 20 quid i seems a much cheaper alternative to the scottoiler system… any comments please?

Yeah I saw this reviewed in Ride too.

Looks interesting but to be honest even at that price I think its a rip off.

People used to build these years ago out of upside down left over bottles and put a small clamp on the pipe when not in use (you can get the tubing and clamp from aquatic shops). Off roaders did this especially.
This is just a nicer looking way of doing the same thing.

What you are paying for in a chain oiler is really the ability to have the flow of oil automatically turned on and off and a ‘set it and forget it’ oil flow.

Unless you have an excellent memory to turn the tap off after each ride you’ll end up will a pool of oil over your back wheel while parked.

If you’re strapped for cash then its a good alternative (but in that case you could make one for a quarter of that price with a little ingenuity) but I would stick to a Scottoiler myself.

i use it and i think it really good. after a while its just part of the routine you do before setting of. especially if you put a disklock under the seat, you already half way there :wink:

i dont turn it on every time but every other time.

I got it when it was £15 but i still think its good value :wink:


The guys used to send me some of their stuff to test. I’ve used them for about 2 years now - had them on my ZX6R and now have them on the Blade. A small 150ml squeezy bottle of 20w50 or any light oil under the seat, top up when neccessary and bob’s your uncle! That’s good for about 2000 miles of riding (or a month’s commute). Even if you DO forget to turn it off… you’re only going to lose 10ml of oil at worst. It’s simplicity at its best. No need for speed sensitive flow rates etc… I just want my chain loobed and that’s that. All i need to do every weekend is just get some paraffin and wipe the chain over and that’s my chain maintenance done.

Another thing I can say is that you need to clean the system once in a while to prevent it clogging up. So i just normally blast some white spirit down the reservoir and flush it out with some compressed air. It happens where i’ve got trapped dirt in the oil and it’s remaining in the reservoir.

Scottoiler can suck it!

I WILL recommend it to all.

Or there’s anyone know anything about these?

I like the way it doesn’t keep dripping if you forget to turn it off. Good if you have a head like a sieve like mine.:wink:

Had a Loobman on the ZXR250 and didn’t bother installing it in the end! It didn’t look discrete. The coat hanger for the delivery tube made it unsightly! And the fact that it’s just a hotchpotch of tubes and squeezy bottles!

The Tutoro with the dual nozzles WILL oil both sides of the chain - plates and O-rings and DOES keep the lubed. If it’s wet or cold, i just ramp the feed to max to ensure my chain gets lubed. Fully open, it will dispense the oil within 100 motorway miles. Like I said, I don’t mind a little drip since the reservoir in the tutoro is approximately 10ml… total oil in the system could be 30ml - dependent on how long you cut your delivery tube.

I use a spray on chain lube … it’s silicon based so the back wheel doesn’t get to dirty, I wonder if there’s a silicon that can be used in these oilers ?