Chain oil on tyres

Does anyone have tips on how to get chain oil off tyres? I know I should choose carefully who to listen to but sometimes………………….anyway, I was urged to oil my chain and did so innocently but now I have it all over my tyres (got spit out after riding, not from spraying) and it is a bit slippery now L

i have a little bit on teh left edge of my tyre, i have had it leant over on it and its felt ok, i have little flicks tho not a massive patch of it or anything.

could try de-greaser of some sort??? its a thought not sure if it would work or how much of good idea it is!?

ok thanks for that, will try - have a feeling I lost my back wheel because of it, coming out of a corner yesterday, but then again, could have been anything.

I get quite a bit of spray from my old scottoiler.

I use some paraffin that I get in 5 ltr containers from B&Q (to clean the chain with.)

Cleans the oil off easily and evaporates quickly.



what he said! i think!?..

no worries J gald to have helped!:smiley:

Parafin is as slippery as oil:w00t:

Spray on a bit of brake cleaner spray and wipe off. It’s perfectly safe and is often used by race teams on new tyres to remove release agent from the manufacturing process.

gav told me that, he does it on new tyres,think i might do that when i get a new front put on, as i hate new front tyres…slippy!!

Brake cleaner dude, thats what ya want, i always have a can handy, you can buy it most places…

I always use a bit of ‘chain wax’ over the top of the oil as it seals in the oil, always oil it after a ride when its warm, no point doing it before you go out… :wink:

Heed the wise oracle thats the chunkster for he has been given the wisdom from above :)plus he’s an old git whose been around a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

guys, thank you all very much for the tips, really, really appreciate it :slight_smile: have a good day - be safe

What’s wrong with good old soap and water??