Chain lube

So after the course at the OMC the other day (props to them, was a really good evening, recommended to any mechanic newbie!), it was pointed out to me that my chain needs some maintenance (and probably replacement fairly soon).

Surprisingly enough, my halfords only has ‘Holts’ chain lube and I’d rather get Silkolene as my mechanic uses that. Anyone know where I can get some in London and/or recommend a different brand/shop?

I use Motul - sprays on like wd40 and then the solvent evaporates off leaving sticky oil that doesn’t fling off onto the bike. Seems to do the job.

I think I got it from hein gericke in stockwell, I also got a kettenmax chain cleaner but that’s probably because I have slight ocd tendencies once I start cleaning the bike and I like the chain to look nice and shiny :smiley:

Infinity has a load, Hein Gericke has some which I like. If you were going to the ace early enough there’s one of each near hanger lane gyratory.

Ace is way far for me. I’ll try Infinity and HG in S London. Last I checked Infinity Clapham they only had Yamaha stuff which sucks (in terms of choice, product any good?)

I have some Wurth chain cleaner someone gave me so I’ll try that on some piece of cloth for now! :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully won’t bust my chain.

Thanks guys

I would strongly recommend" Wurth dry chain lube"

I’ve used many chain lubes over the years and this is the best bar none.:slight_smile:

+1 you can buy from Westie’s place in East Dulwich if that’s easier -

anything you can get your hands on lube is lube just make sure you do it every week

Castrol chain lube for my bike…works well with no ‘fling’ over rear of bike

I use the residue from the frying pan, added benefit it waterproofs the left side of Mrs J`s arse.

I use PJ 1 Blue Label and I am satisfied with it, I buy it from 1stline Motorcycles in Arnos Grove but Im sure many other bike shops stock it too…

Popped down to Scootabike this morning and got some BikeTek chain lube in the end. Sprayed it on my dirty chain and it looks very weird. Kinda forms a web like thing as the chain turns. I’ll get on cleaning the chain tomorrow I guess.

Westie said the dry stuff needs a clean chain and I’m not sure I can be bothered to clean mine every week!

Thanks again for the pointers.

Oi you lazy little oik :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to B&Q and buy this :{9372012}/categories%3C{9372017}/categories%3C{9372059}/specificationsProductType=greenhouse_accessories/specificationsSpecificProductType=heating___insulation

The bottle will definitely fit in your top box but you can’t fit anything else in (talking from experience when I had to go back in for a refund … ride back home … empty the box … then ride back to the shop and re-buy it :laugh: )

Once a month (ish) … 10/15 minutes with a rag and/or a tooth brush … job done.

I learnt this really cool trick at the OMC the other day. A rag, chain cleaner of choice: 2 minutes and done :smiley:

Well, sorta done, yes…

Next time you’re cleaning yours, let me know. I’ll come watch the pros at work! :slight_smile:

You should probably go to PJ’s then…I just use a Kettenmax and some diesel

Course, I also use WD-40 and a rag when I want to do a half-assed job and sorta clean the chain :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t know you could clean the chain with diesel. And those Kettenmax kits are so cheap! I thought they’re be quite pricey. I should be getting one soon enough then! Thanks a lot :smiley:

Diesel FTW. Or paraffin, or white spirit. They’re all pretty much the same. Some people just use WD-40 or petrol, but they’re rebels :slight_smile:

I think I’ll get some of that paraffin next time then. Used some chain cleaner I got given today and got quite a bit of muck off the chain! enough for me to see that the chain is grey and not black :stuck_out_tongue:

those that use petrol will be needing a new chain after it dissolves all the o-rings…